Certification Claims Procedure

The ultimate protection.

How to make a claim with Pro-tect Touch/Shield Certification

When a customer of Pro-tect has a claim that qualifies under the terms of the program, they complete the following 3 easy steps for service.

1. Contact Pro-tect to file a claim

Call (855) 758-2121
Visit www.Pro-tectcars.com

2. Provide their Individual Repair Order from the Date of Service

Located on their Certificate of Treatment form.

3. Pro-tect’s Claim Procedure

Contact is made within 2 business days from the date claim is submitted.
An appointment for the Re-Treatment is scheduled to be completed by the Technician, typically at the Service Department of the Dealer that sold the program.
When the vehicle arrives in the Service Dept., a Service Advisor verifies with the customer that a claim was submitted, inspects the vehicle and notifies Pro-tect of the vehicles arrival.

* Only 1 re-treatment will be authorized in the event of mildew or foul odors. (Tobacco odors are not included)