Philip Apps

Yes, that’s me: Phil Apps, the face behind Pro-tect.

I started in the auto business in 1985, in Long Island, New York.  I loved car dealerships from day one, and I still love getting up every day and “going to work”. I founded Pro-tect in 1993, after mastering the roles of General Sales Manager—and then Finance Director—for a successful dealer group. The principal for this dealership was a mentor to me…like a father, really, and his advice and support helped get Pro-tect off to a running start. Over the years, Pro-tect has represented some of the biggest names in the automotive F&I industry, companies that are widely recognized.  Our focus has always been on appearance protection, and that’s no different today.


What IS different today is that Pro-tect has partnered with a national underwriter to bring our agents and their dealers a custom solution for appearance protection that combines all the best features of all the big names:

  • Simple claims adjudication via YDE*
  • Easy private labeling for your agency or dealerships
  • Turnkey reinsurance at your agency or dealership level
  • Best-in-class chemistry for maximum effectiveness
  • Pro-tect chemistry applies in minutes, not hours
  • All digital contract administration via PCMI
  • Competitive pricing, of course
  • Full suite of other reinsurable F&I products

I’ve always enjoyed providing my clients with products that protect them and their investment, and now I’m bringing my philosophy and brand to agencies and dealers across the country.


Relationships are important to me. I think of my agents as family, and I treat them as such.


If you’d like to join the Pro-tect family, then I’d like to talk with you.

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Philip Apps
Philip Apps
My mother was one of 16 children growing up, and she would always say “Treat people the way you wanted to be treated, and you can go through life trouble-free.” She was always right!

Movie Corner

Movies have played an important role in my life and these are some of my absolute favorite ones!

In the F&I office, you need to put on a show—people are listening to you. It makes a difference.

Be sincere and funny at the same time and the customer will like you.

Say, try changing the channel on the TV.