Sanitization & Disinfection for Your Home

Ensuring your home is clean and safe.

What Do We Do?

Pro-Tect is dedicated to helping you keep your home sanitized and disinfected. We understand the increasing need to ensure that rooms in your house are clean, sterile and protected from viruses, germs and other contagions. Many of the currently used cleaning products available to you are toxic and harmful, putting yourself, as well as, your children and pets at risk while not always being reliably effective and less cost-efficient than you would prefer.

Our sanitization specialists are experienced and skilled in the field of electrostatic disinfection techniques. The specialized chemicals we deploy are designed to annihilate harmful bacteria and viruses while remaining safe for use around people. This allows us to leave you with a safe, clean home at a more affordable price point than similar services.

Watch this video to quickly learn about Pro-tect’s antimicrobial solution.

Residential Sanitization & Disinfecting Services

Our team works rapidly and professionally to meet the demands of your home life. Here are just some of the parts of your home we can sanitize and disinfect.


Ensure your kitchen is a clean place to prepare and enjoy your meals.

Living Areas

Sanitize those televisions and couches to entertain safely.

Home Office

Disinfect your home office for a clean remote work option.


Keep those tubs and toilets clean and sanitized.

Bedrooms & Guest Rooms

Sleep safely through the night without dreaming of viruses and bacteria.

Everything Else

We can help you keep your entire home sanitized and disinfected.

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